It’s all about the little things…

Our 4-year old son, Stephen, is profoundly deaf and received his cochlear implant about 1 year ago. He has been attending Child’s Voice for an oral deaf education for the past 1 and half years. Reflecting on his oral language development, it’s the “little things” that stand out.

“When we asked him, “How are you this morning?” and he answered, (for the first time) “Good, Mama!” Or, when we serve him French toast and sausage for breakfast and he says with a big smile, “Wow! Thank you, Mama!” Or, when we kiss him good night and he says, “I love you!”

Of course, bigger milestones are being achieved as well through oral deaf education. His confidence around his hearing peers has blossomed. He is less frustrated because he can communicate with anyone his wants and needs. He has learned to love listening and dancing to music. Rhythm and beat are in his blood-what a joy for him! He is also beginning to read-it is especially wonderful to hear him read aloud to himself.

All of this fills us with gratitude for those who have developed and now provide oral deaf education. The road is long, it is a big task to undertake for the whole family. But, in the long run, we know it will be worth it and those “little moments” along the journey will hold the sweetest memories of all.


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