IL Hands & Voices feature on NCTV17 Spotlight …..

Our President – Andrea Marwah and Vice President – Melissa Martin were featured on NCTV17’s spotlight program to give awareness on what we do here at IL Hands & Voices.


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We have many recorded webinars from our Guide By Your Side “Call For All” series.  They are available for you to view when you need new information or just a refresher.  It’s easy, just


and start learning today…

Many recordings in both English and Spanish are available,take advantage of the invaluable resource of knowledge.


IL Guide By Your Side Gift Card Fundraiser…. Help fund a great program in IL…. Pass along to your friends…

Want an easy way to help IL Guide By Your Side raise much needed funds?  SCRIP is a gift card ordering service where IL Guide By Your Side gets a percentage of dollars spent.  This is a NO COST donation….

Pass this along to your friends and family, this is an easy way to help families with children who are deaf or hard of hearing in our state.

Questions?  Contact Carrie Balian, Guide By Your Side Coordinator at


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New Yahoo Group for Families of Children with Unilateral Hearing Loss

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Hands & Voices has a new yahoo group for families of children with unilateral hearing loss!

These families often have specific questions and challenges that are not necessarily shared by families of children with bilateral hearing loss.  This group offers an opportunity for real-time parent to parent support, as well as a safe, comfortable environment for sharing information.

 Click HERE to be re-directed to the Yahoo group:


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Education Resources (click here for a list of resources)

Interested in finding out more about…

Other Resources

  • ASL Quest
    • A collection of American Sign Language poems and stories
  • My Baby’s Hearing
    • a website from BoysTown National Research Hospital that contains lots of information for parents in a friendly, parent-to-parent format
    • The website has a Spanish version available
  • Communication Clubhouse
    • speech therapy
    • sign classes
    • parent support
    • advocacy support
  • Community Christian Church Naperville, ASL interpreted services
    • Sunday morning at 10:20 an ASL interpreter is present weekly
  • Deaf American Children
    • Storystones
  • Deaf Illinois News
    • Information center for Illinois’ Deaf and Hard of Hearing community
  • Deaf Today
    • Bringing you the (deaf) news daily from a to z from around the world!
  • EDEN (Electronic Deaf Education Network)
  • EHDI (Early Hearing Detection and Intervention)
    • A website from the CDC (Center for Disease Control) that has information on:
      • educational materials (for families and professionals)
      • early intervention
      • genetics
      • research
  • Healthy Hearing
  • Hearing Exchange
  • KidsWorld Deaf Net
    • A national communication network for parents and professionals involved in the education of deaf and hard of hearing children
  • Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center
    • The Clerc Center has been mandated by Congress to develop, evaluate, and disseminate innovative curricula, instructional techniques and strategies, and materials. The aim of the Clerc Center is to improve the quality of education for deaf and hard of hearing children and youth from birth through age 21.
  • Listen Up
  • Mothers From Hell 2
    • A national group of parents, relatives, friends, and anyone who just plain ‘gets it’
    • National Center for Hearing Assessment and Management- Utah State University
  • NIDCD – National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders
    • information on hearing loss
    • current research
    • links to lots of organizations
  • PRIDE – (Parent Resources in Deaf and Hard of Hearing Education – Chicago Public Schools)
    • Provides support, answers questions and informs parents about developments in the deaf/hard of hearing school community in Chicago
  • Special Ed Moms
    • This site is for parents who are dedicated to raising and loving special needs children. You are already an expert on your child … now take the time to become knowledgeable about special education law and become our child’s best advocate! Understand what this means as it relates to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, Section 504, Rehabilitation Act, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and No Child Left Behind.
  • StarNET
    • Financial Assistance (to attend conferences, etc)
    • Family Resource Directory
    • MiniGrants (for professionals)