Mom’s Night Inn

IL Hands & Voices Guide By Your Side

Presents the 10th annual


“Count on Me”

Saturday February 9th & Sunday February 10th

Lisle, IL

Registration is now OPEN

CLICK HERE to complete online registration



To register by mail:  CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD form

Our keynote speaker this year will be Nancy Mamerow.


Nancy Mamerow has been working with Early Intervention as a Deaf Mentor for upwards of 11 years. She works with families who have children with hearing losses ages 0 to 3 yrs old. She graduated from Utah State University with a bachelor of science in Social Work and a minor in Psychology.  Then she completed her graduate studies in Monmouth, Oregon, and studied the field of Rehabilitation with deaf adults.   Previously, Nancy worked for 23 years as a behavior health counselor at hospitals in an inpatient setting. She led groups educating patients on coping tools, cognitive thinking, and the grief process. She soon after, married and now has 3 beautiful children with who yield professions in clinical physiology, surgical technology, and advanced media consulting.  Nancy has two sisters, one deaf, one hearing and has a hearing brother. Nancy and her sister were both born with a sensorineural loss. Nancy attended an oral program and was mainstreamed during her child education meanwhile her sister needed support from sign language in her beginning years of her education. Nancy’s parents were at a loss of what to do regarding communication modes and education. There were no programs like Early Interventions or IEP’s to help her parents through their journey. Having a hearing loss ended up enriching her life by helping others to do a task she couldn’t have completed without the hardships of having a hearing loss.


Sample Program Schedule:


Arrival/Check in: 12:30 pm – 1:00 pm

Start of Program: 1:00 pm

Dinner 6:00 pm

Pampering/Crafts/Treats: 7:00 pm


Breakfast: 7-9:30 am

Parent Achievement Award Ceremony: 9:30am  – 10:00 am

Deaf/Hard of Hearing Panl:  10:00am – 11:00 am

contact us at for more information.


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