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When I was 2 year old, my parent found out i was deaf and took me to the doctor to check me out. I don’t know the name of the doctor, it was in Alabama, anyway when i was like 9 or 10 year old, I remember asking my mom about how she feel about me being deaf, she said that she is just not happy but she just accept it. My dad, he doesn’t care that im deaf or not, he still love me same with my mom.

We move here in Joliet, I was raised here and went to Thomas Jefferson when i was 4 year old. I was in a deaf class with the other kid for a while until 3 or 4th grade, i go into mainstream class. My parent didn’t want me to be in deaf world, they want me to be in hearing world too. So they made me take speech class in thomas jefferson and i had to wear hearing aid all the time to help me hear better and talk better. I took speech class ever since i was 6 year old. So rite now i can talk like hearing people and i have lot of hearing friend and little deaf friend too. I mostly like to hang out with hearing people because they are fun to hang out and ofc deaf people is fun to hang out with. It like im in between the deaf world and the hearing world.

So far, Sumtime i like being deaf and sumtime i don;t. Like for example, my parent would get mad at me easily when i couldn’t understand them while they talk too fast. I would try to read their lip and hear too but they just talk too fast and we would end up fighting all the time. Well my mom don’t talk too fast, she just sign a little but i can totally understand her. But my dad, pfftt no way! lolz. My dad would get mad at me a lot and repeat the word again to me. He would go like Jennifer!!!! look at me, read my lip carefully. Because im not going to repeat again! That what he said to me. It was funny but kind of hard for me to get along with my dad with me being deaf. I just had a cochlear implant surgery in Iowa, University Iowa Hospital, like 6 month ago because my dad want me to hear the exact word on the phone and talk on the phone too so i can let my dad know where i am when im not home, goin to friend house or sumwhere. So far, it working good, i can only hear like 4 word on the phone is Hello, okay, bye, and what. that all i can hear from my dad on the phone. But it gettin better.. it improvin.. in 18 month, i will be competely hearing person. I can’t wait… But i like being deaf too with quiet noise and stuff but i really need my hearing for the future when i have kid or something. But being deaf is really hard, peope would go like jennifer, get jennifer, she can;t hear duh! That really hurts.. anyway, back to my childhood, i remember being 6 year old and very angry and confused. I used to hit everyone in class and push the teacher because i was deaf and i never understood anything about being deaf or what a deaf culture is. I remember i almost try to kill myself by gettin hit by the car. Im not sure if i did that on purpose or just for fun.. I was only 6 year old lolz… I always get soo mad and want to hear soo bad.. As i continue to grow and understand about me being deaf then i just accept it. Well now im 16 year old, and since i can hear well and speak well doesn’t mean im not deaf anymore. I still feel like im still deaf because it part of me on the inside me.

Smile and have a good day!


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