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Hi, my name is Aubrey and I’m 11 years old and I’m in 6th grade. When I was born my mom and dad found out when I was about 6 months old that I was deaf. Here is my story about being deaf.

Being deaf is sometimes hard but it can also be fun. A lot of people that I know are also deaf. I made a lot of friends at my old school, Thomas Jefferson. When I was in 3rd grade I went to a harder school near my home. That new school is called Jamie McGee.

I got a little nervous when I first got to Jamie McGee. I didn’t know a lot of teachers but I knew my big brother, Adam’s teacher. I really wanted to make friends with kids at Jamie McGee and I did, my first friend was Amber. She was nice, kind and she liked my story about my hearing aids. Amber introduced me to her friends and they really liked me too.

The next year I was in 4th grade my teacher was Mrs. Manak. She was really nice and kind. I had a new interpreter that year named Mr. Lee and he was really nice and cool too. One day I had a talk with Mrs. Manak and I decided that I wanted to help the other kids learn sign language so they can communicate with me. I made a lot more friends that year and some people in my class did not like me or my hearing aids. They thought I was stupid but I ignored them.

This year I just finished 5th grade and I had a really great year! I had a new interpreter named Miss Mugiani. My teacher was Miss Johnson and I thought she was really cool. I kept on teaching my friends sign language and most of them think it’s cool and they want to keep learning more. Sometimes I have problems with my auditory trainer at school and I get static in it. That really bothers me so sometimes I don’t wear it. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t deaf because it makes my life harder sometimes. But I keep on going and I know things will be fine.

Here are some things about me you might like to know. When I grow up I want to be a veterinarian because I want to help animals. My favorite sport is football and I even help my dad coach football. The boys on the team really like my hearing aids. My favorite food is spaghetti and macaroni shells and cheese. My lucky number is 25 and my favorite movie is “The Lord of the Rings.” My favorite actor is Denzel Washington and my favorite singer is Jessica Simpson. My favorite kind of animal is a dog, I really want an American Staffordshire Bulldog.

I hope you all like my story!


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