Madeleine Daley, Parent

Like many of you parents out there reading this, I never thought my child would be deaf. I didn’t know anyone deaf and I hadn’t even heard of a cochlear implant. Regardless, that’s where I found myself when my son, Lincoln, lost his hearing at 15 months old. I’m Madeleine Daley and I’m the parent of a deaf child. With the help of many parents and professionals, my husband and I fumbled our way through hearing aids, cochlear implants, aural habilitation therapy and an IEP. It was during this time of upheaval, that I found Illinois Hands & Voices and immediately knew that I wanted to become a part of the team, which feels more like an extended family. Lincoln continues to make great progress and soothe my worries about his future. I no longer think in terms of: “Will he be able to do this?” Now, I confidently think: “When he does this…” Though a very emotional time, we have embarked upon a journey that I would not otherwise have ever experienced and I find that a blessing.

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