Christen Nolfi

My name is Christen Nolfi and I am a mother to one son, Noah, who is four years old.  We discovered Noah had hearing loss after he failed the Newborn Hearing Screening. Further testing determined that Noah was profoundly deaf.  He was fitted with hearing aids at 2 months old and received bilateral cochlear implants at 10 months old.  After graduating from early intervention, he transitioned to a preschool that specializes in working with children who have hearing loss.  Noah is a happy, healthy little boy who loves life!  Prior to Noah’s birth, I was a special education teacher for ten years.  I feel very fortunate to be able to continue to work with families through my role as a parent guide with Guide By Your Side and Illinois Hands & Voices Board Member.  My husband, Brad, Noah, and I reside in Prospect Heights, IL.

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