Carrie Balian

Board Member Bios
Carrie Balian

My name is Carrie and I am the mother to four children.  Our son, Jack was born deaf.  Jack was the first baby who did not pass his screening at the hospital where he was born.  We were fortunate that newborn screening was being implemented at our hospital as it was not mandatory at that time.  After that initial screening it was confirmed that Jack had a severe to profound hearing loss.  Because he was identified early we were able to start services for Jack so he would be able to communicate with us.  Today, Jack is a typical teenager who is involved with the Traveling Hands program through ICODA in addition to working a part time job.  My wonderful husband, Andre, and I have been married since 1996 and currently live in Island Lake, IL.  In addition to my family role I am also very active in efforts to enhance services to families who have children with a hearing loss.  I’m involved with various organizations who serve families with children who have a hearing loss by participating as an active team member on their board or at their meetings and I am also the Coordinator for the Illinois Guide By Your Side program and CHOICES for Parents.  My son has graced me with an amazing journey that has molded me into the mother and professional that I am today.

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