Andrea Marwah

Board Member Bios
Andrea Marwah – Chairperson

My name is Andrea Marwah.  I live in Naperville with my husband Ajay and my 3 children, Samantha, Julia and Andrew.  What brings me to Illinois Hands and Voices is both my oldest daughter and my current position as a Parent Guide with Illinois Guide by Your Side.  Samantha, now almost 8 was diagnosed with a mild to moderate sensory-neural hearing loss when she was 2 years old.  When she was 2.5 we discovered through an MRI that she had EVAS, Enlarged Vestibular Aqueduct Syndrome.  She has a classic case of this condition with both permanent and fluctuating hearing loss.  At age 6 Samantha lost a lot more hearing and began having 30dB fluctuations in her ability to hear.  Hearing aids were no longer an option for her.  She was fitted in August 2008 with a cochlear implant.  In 2009 she was fitted with her second implant and is doing very well with them both.  She also has recently suffered from vertigo, another symptom of EVAS.  Samantha attended Child’s Voice School from age 2 until the completion of kindergarten.  Samantha is now fully integrated in second grade at our local school.  She receives minimal services with pragmatic language and hearing itinerant services.  Her use of an FM system helps her function in a normal classroom setting. We are thankful for her successes and for those people we have met on this very different path than expected.

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