Chicago Park District Upcoming Events for Children who are d/hoh …..


Dads Among Dads of Deaf Students

for deaf or hard-of-hearing youth & teens with their Dads, Grand-dads, Uncles, or other Men in their lives

FIRST MEETING, Friday Night 7pm-9pm

Archer Park, 4901 S. Kilbourn Ave

A unique opportunity for Dads/Men to meet other Dads/Men & participate with their kids in some fun-filled activities of special events happening within the city!

CLICK HERE for Flyer in English

CLICK HERE for Flyer in Spanish

Chicago KIDS & Parents Club

Saturday, January 21st

Polar Adventure Days at Northerly Island

1521 S. Linn White Drive (indoor/outdoor activities!)



Parking $3

CLICK HERE for flyer


Sunday, February 12th

Family Art at Hyde Park Art Center

5020 S. Cornell




Sunday, March 18th

Family Bowl at Diversey River Bowl




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