Products and Services

Products and Services

  • Able Planet, Inc.
    • telephones
    • headsets
  • ADCO Hearing Products
    • assistive devices
    • sign language books, videos, etc
    • gifts
  • Boys Town Press
    • the publishing arm of Girls and Boys Town, providing books, videos, audiotapes, posters, booklets and other material provide useful information to parents, educators and professionals who work with youth and families
  • Captioned Media Program
    • free-loan caption video/DVD program
  • Child and Family Connections
    • Early Intervention Providers
  • Harris Communications
    • assistive devices
    • sign language books, videos, etc
    • gifts
    • assistive devices
    • sign language books, videos, etc
    • gifts
  • HOPE Inc. Online Store
    • materials for paraeducators, teachers aides, and teachers who work with young children with special needs in the classroom
    • materials for use in family-centered early intervention programs
  • Insight Cinema
    • first-run open-captioned movies
  • ITAC (Illinois Telecommunications Access Corporation)
    • Free TTY program
    • Free Amplified phones
  • Listen-Up Bookstore
    • a resource (connected with for books and videos on a wide range of topics associated with hearing loss
  • Mt Sinai Deaf Access Program
    • medical Services for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Adults and Children with Doctors who are fluent in sign language Have direct communication with your physician, without the need for an interpreter.
    • Several offices in the Chicagoland area
    • 1-773-257-5724(tty)
    • 1-773-257-5613(v)
  • Parent Manuals
    • resources for services available throughtout the state
  • PEPNet Resource Center
    • products and information for teachers, interpreters, notetakers, parents and students
  • WGBH
    • first-run closed-captioned movies
  • Wyndtell Communications
    • wireless communication devices

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